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Business Services and education support

1. Basic management education supports business owners, start-up business owners, and their employees: 


1) Meridian Business, Legal, Investment Wish Foundation supports basic business management education for the manager who is currently operating a business and those who are initiating their business projects or will be starting businesses in the future.

2) Specifically, the training program will be further developed for employers who engage in various industries and need assistance with business plan preparation, marketing and sales, employment law, employee education and workshops, basic business law, and taxation education.


3) Our program is designed to create new business and workplace environments, new job opportunities, and practices to manage employees more effectively. When an initial immigrant wants to develop his/her first business in the United States, he/she encounters difficulties adapting to mainstream U.S. society due to lack of knowledge regarding business law, lack of awareness of the characteristics of the U.S. businesses, and language barriers.


4)The Meridian program includes the most basic educational support to solve these problems. It also includes a variety of training programs for business, marketing, business management programs, technical training, computer training, and business English.


2. Entrepreneurship start-up business education support: 


1) Entrepreneurship education addresses the important issues you need to know when setting up your business and educates you about the licensed courses and the different enterprise-wide set-ups of different types of businesses through the governmental period required for business start-ups.


2) For example, the difference between nonprofit organizations and commercial organizations, between corporations and private businesses, C-corporations and S-corporations, LLC, partnership differences. Our program also provides educational services regarding the overall requirements and preparation situations for business establishment, with information on the advantages and weaknesses of various kinds of businesses.


3) In addition, it is also necessary for business operators to franchise their businesses and to prepare preliminary documents required by the prefectural government to learn about starting the franchise business. Our program provides advice on areas to look out for as well as franchise and franchiser connections and educational services.


3. Employment programs for people in their early 40s to 50s, with gradual early retirement:


1) This program can provide a second life for a jobless person who has a wealth of experience as an employer in an already existing society and who is between the ages of 40 and 65 years, or a job seeker who is currently operating a vertical business due to a business entity provides opportunities.


2) Many people are losing their jobs and staying at home when they are in their early 40s to 50s, forced into a gradual early retirement. But because people are living longer, this trend has become one of the most serious problems in the United States. We provide employment programs to help early retirees get back to work and introduce educational support and government funding programs that offer opportunities for them to open up new businesses.


4. Job seeker's employment assistance services and their employer‘s education: 


1) This program teaches job seekers how to write a resume, how to acquire computer skills. English skills, customer service skills, and telephone counseling skills. It also teaches marketing methods, how to interview employees, how to create effective communication between the business owner’s and the employee’s culture, and communication law.


2) All of these areas require vocational and basic business skills training services. We will provide job services to employees who are not only working in nonprofit organizations, but also those who are looking for the next job, with the cooperation of specialized programs, such as EDD, the labor assistance program, and work source services operated by the government.


3) Our participants are greeted by friendly staff who speak their languages—at this point, Korean, Spanish, English--and other language interpretation services teams, which will offer the assistance they need; provide access to state-of-the-art computerized job search, current job postings, resume and pre-employment workshops; one-on-one career planning and counseling, personalized job placement, and paid on-the-job training opportunities.


5. New Business owner education services:


1) Our Business Owner’s Work Source Center offers a wide variety of services, including access to business assistance program education, which provides marketing and management for business and finance information for employers’ business needs.


2) The employment support service includes pre-screening, recruitment, and referral of qualified applicants for businesses; customized legal training programs for business operations, such as business law, international business law, immigration investment assistant training, and the latest labor market information.  


6. Christian business owner networking workshops and women’s business networking workshops:


1) This program will be offered 1-2 times per year. There will be time for networking with other business owners, getting feedback on your business, and masterminding new ideas together.


2) This workshop is open to all women in business: entrepreneurs, shop owners, manufacturers, consultants, direct sellers, and online business owners. This is a collaborative environment and we welcome you to join us!

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