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자오선 비즈니스 법률 투자 소원 재단

CEO & Founder Principal Dr. Sarah Liew's  mission about  Meridian institute technology university & Meridian Business Legal Investment 

Notice: Our Non profit can not support any political candidate, this posting only education purpose temporary this posting just learn about our organization mission through, non profit organization prohibits express supporting any candidate.  

자오선 비즈니스 법률 투자 소원 재단

우리는 최고의 작업 환경을 위해 기업가를 지원하고 있습니다
비즈니스, 법률, 투자 교육 및 서비스, 직업 훈련 및 비전 워크샵

Bord of Directors


Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Founder & CEO, Program Director

Andrew Kim 

Attorney & Counsel, Secretary, Program Head Adviser


Abraham Lee

  Vice President, Treasurer, Program Vice Director


Christina Mason 

Secretary, Program Coordinator


Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation은 비즈니스 서비스 및 교육 지원, 법률 서비스 및 투자 교육 및 지원, 직업 훈련 프로그램 및 비전 워크샵과 관련된 4 가지 주요 서비스 및 활동을 제공합니다. 우리의 사명과 봉사 목표는 사람들이 자급 자족을 돕고 궁극적으로 목표를 달성 할 수있는 안정적인 직업과 삶의 안정을 만드는 사업장으로 사회 구성원에 기여할 수 있도록 돕는 것입니다.

Meridian institute technology university  

Meridian Credit Card Processing Job Training

at the Meridian Institute of Technology University 

Meridian Credit Card Processing offers an Industrial Careers Job Training program designed to enhance your professional growth and success in the credit card processing field. This comprehensive program covers key aspects of the industry, providing you with the knowledge and expertise necessary for your career advancement.

The job training courses are tailored to meet the needs of professionals working in various roles within the industry, including ISOs, financial institutions, processors, vendors, and service providers. The curriculum addresses the latest developments, issues, and regulations relevant to the electronic processing industry.

The courses are taught by industry experts who have firsthand experience and expertise in dealing with the day-to-day challenges of the field. Their knowledge and insights ensure that the training is relevant and up to date. Meridian Credit Card Processing values feedback from participants and strives to continually improve and enhance the course offerings to meet the evolving needs of the industry.



The field training program consists of multiple classes, each focusing on a specific area of credit card processing. Here are the key topics covered in the various classes:

Day 1 

Class 1: Processing & Underwriting, Covers merchant services processing and underwriting application processing. - 4 units & virtual cost $399 & live class cost $699 


Class 2 : Fee & Cost Analysis, Explores banking and statement analysis, as well as comparable cost analysis.- 4 units & virtual cost $399 & live class cost $699 


Class 3: Customer Services, Focuses on chargeback and retrieval requests, risk management, and PCI compliance.- 4 units & virtual cost $399 & live class cost $699 


Day 2 

Class 4: Inside Sales Presentation, Provides training on product and services presentation, marketing materials presentation, telemarketing sales presentation, and lead generation presentation.-4 units & virtual cost $399 & live class cost $699 


Class 5: Field Sales Presentation, Covers sales appointment presentation, merchant service sales presentation, and sales closing presentation.-4 units & virtual cost $399  & live class cost $699 

Class 6 : Terminals Presentation: Includes training on terminals presentation, terminal tech-support, and terminal programming and installation.-4 units & virtual cost $399 & live class cost $699


Class 7 : Teamwork: Addresses team recruiting presentation, team training presentation, partnership programs, and cause-related marketing.-4 units & cost $399 & live class cost $699 

To become certified in the credit card processing field sales consultant and agents, you are required to complete a total of 7 classes, which will accumulate 28 units. Each class within the program offers 3 to 5 hours of professional field education. 

Class One: Processing & Underwriting  

Code: MSP (Merchant Services Processing)

Code: UAP (Underwriting Application Processing)


Class Two: Fee & Cost Analysis

Code: BSA (Banking and Statement Analysis)

Code: CCA (Comparable Cost Analysis)


Class Three: Customer Services

Code: CR (Charge Back and Retrieval Requests)

Code: RR (Risk Management & PCI)


Class Four: Inside Sales Presentation

Code: PSP (Product & Services Presentation)

Code: MPP (Marketing Materials Presentation)

Code: TSP (Telemarketing Sales Presentation)

Code: SL (Leads Generation Presentation 


Class Five: Field Sales Presentation

Code: SA (Sales Appointment Presentation)    

Code’s (Sales Merchant Service Presentation)

Code: SC (Sales Closing Presentation)  

Class Six: Terminals Presentation

Code: TP (Terminals Presentation)

Code: TTS (Terminal Tech-Support)

Code: TPI (Terminal Programming & Installation)      


Class Seven: Teamwork

Code: TR (Team Recruiting Presentation)

Code: TT (Team Training Presentation)

Code: PC (Partnership Program)

Code: CRM (Cause Related Marketing)  


Total 20 Classes will be required to be certified with 80 units

Ps: Total 7 big major certification Classes will be provided with individual small 20 classes with 80 units. Each small class will be 3-5 hours of professional field education will be providing. Total 60-100 hours be required to complete all the certification courses.

Time: The certification program can be completed within a week, requiring approximately 21 to 35 hours of commitment. This intensive training ensures that you are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in your role as a certified credit card processing agent and sales consultant.

Cost: There are two options available for the certification program.

The virtual course is priced at $2,793, providing you with the flexibility to learn at your own pace remotely.

Alternatively, there is a live class option priced at $4,893. The live class is held weekly small groups and once a month big groups, offering a more interactive and immersive learning experience.

Regardless of the chosen format, both options provide comprehensive training and prepare you to work as a certified credit card processing agent and sales consultant. The program aims to equip you with the necessary expertise to effectively navigate the credit card processing industry and excel in your role.

Meridian Credit Card Processing training program is committed to providing high-quality training that equips professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the credit card processing industry. 



Our mission is to provide 100% job replacement certification for credit card processing field agents and sales consultants within one week. If you are interested, you can enroll and make payments through our job creation option.   

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Admission fee for this course is $150 


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